Why use a travel agent?

One of the questions I receive from people when they find out I am a travel agent is “Why?  I thought travel agents died off years ago!”  I promise you, we am not extinct, I am 32 years young, alive and well (At least I hope so!).

There are 2 reasons why you should use a travel agent as opposed to booking with one of the online “Big Online Travel Companies”  The first reason is that you are walking away from free money. Travel agents (especially in my agency) almost always give cash rewards above and beyond what the suppliers are offering as part of various promotions. These cash rewards can be in the form of Credit Gift Cards or Spa credits for hotels/resorts. In the case of cruise bookings, you can receive onboard credit, free travel insurance, cash rebates, etc. With the exception of airfare the prices an agency offers you is going to be on par with what you can find on the big online travel sites, and with the incentives we will offer you a better value.

The second reason to book with a travel agent is that if and when something goes wrong, you have a person who you can talk to, a person who can correct the issues to make sure you have a worry free trip. We know who to call to get our customers taken care of.

Next time you are booking a vacation, don’t over look an independant travel agency, you might be walking away from money on the table! In this economy, who wants to walk away from free money?

Posted by Michael Schad, President of Seaward Travels in Orlando Florida.


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